Hi, I’m Chris.

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I’m Chris.

I’ve been designing and developing digital products and experiences for around 15 years or so now, both agency and client-side.

I have extensive experience of product design, UX, user-centred design and user and customer journeys, combining elegant design with data driven-decision making. 

I manage multi-disciplinary design teams to produce robust products. And I have worked in a wide range of settings, from startups to multinationals, from large marketing departments to niche product teams.


Something I really enjoy is the opportunity to mentor and encourage team members. Not only do I feel this help and develop them as individuals in their craft and professional progress, but also has a 10x impact on the team, the department and the overall organisation. 

I love what I do.  

I love connecting people and empowering communities. 

I love it when my input is part of a greater good.

Never stop learning

Curiosity killed the cat, but nothing was ever solved without it. Nurture curiosity and never stop learning. Pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone is crucial.

The answer is always why

If we stop asking why, we won't have come close to the designs that people will actually use out of choice.

Feedback is everything

Whether it's qualitative or quantitative, feedback really is the breakfast of champions. Be it analytics or user labs, feedback is everything.

Passion makes the best fuel

Find a passion, then find the problems that exist within that passion. Being passionate about our designs will push us to making it the best experience possible.

Some projects I'm proud of.

Funeral Guide - Design Manager

Bringing pricing to empower the decisions

Funeral Guide are on a mission to help the bereaved, with a product suite of suite of three products:
Funeral Guide, Arranger and Memoria.

They needed to bring pricing to meet industry needs and enhance their platform for the good of the bereaved by providing 

Arranger - Design Manager

Disrupting the Funeral Industry

With the majority of funerals arranged using traditional pen and paper technologies, Arranger from Funeral Guide supports funeral directors around the country with this state of the art management software. 

Flybe - Design Lead

Redesigning airline bookings

Flybe were looking at overhauling their legacy booking funnel from the ground up. This required a new more people-centric experience.

Flybe - Commercial Web Manager

Testing experiences.
Maximising conversions.

Helping Flybe test out customer experiences while returning some concrete data metrics. As the Commercial Web Manager I ran the Flybe CRO and MVT programme, helping to increase conversions on the booking funnel significantly and providing insights to the Senior Management team and Board on the Flybe booking platform.

Flybe - Commercial Web Manager

Managing an engine of many moving parts.

At Flybe I was involved day-to-day with managing the main Flybe website and it’s associated needs and stakeholders. As well as the Marketing department as our main internal client, we also served websites and the digital presence of Customer Services, Sales, the Flybe Training Academy, Flybe Engineering and the Corporate, Legal and Investor led function of the business. 

Other brands I've worked with.

Unified communications, bringing workplaces together.
Business communications arm of Dixons Stores Group.
Startup on a mission to optimise and secure Citrix virtualisation and communications. Since aquired by Ivanti.

Not for profits

I love helping not-for-profits. The following are included more because I am proud of the organisation not so much for the small input I was able to have to help them out.

Menadue Camps - Freelance

Converting a Complex booking process to the 21st century

Menadue Camps are a young peoples charity with a particularly complex booking process, allowing multiple discounts and concessions to make their summer camps as accessible as possible.


 Empathy is everything

Varied Skillset.

I am a multifaceted design manager, leading and facilitating teams big and small in the UK. I bring a wealth of experience of engaging with multifunctional teams from around a business.


Design to delight.

Good design is crucial to elegant products which people love. Adoption comes when a person truly believes in a product. 


Data driven.

Every idea needs to be backed up by a robust set of metrics. Without them we cannot absolutely validate them. 


People focused.

The people using the designs is what drives the process. What actual problems and pain points are they experiencing?

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