Redesigning airline bookings

The Flybe was having a desperately needed overhaul. The legacy system was the product of many years of neglect, with the company having gone through multiple identity changes in a short length of time.

With an engineering team tasked with creating a seamless booking funnel, the company needed some design direction of the main Flybe site, which was home to several key commercial departments from around the buisness.

The Flybe booking system is a complex thing with many moving parts.

The Flybe organisation was also complex, with many departments having stakes in the project. The website acts as a booking system, a customer services portal, a customer notification system, a check-in and rebooking platform, the businesses main marketing and sales platform and also an investor and corporate business tool. 

Whilst the main focus for the business was always revenue, there were many other important nuances to take into consideration. This developed specific stakeholder management and negotiation skills.

The Flybe web platform was heavily dependent on the newly built Flybe IT engineered system, so it was a highly collaborative project with regular demos, retrospectives and design workshops with key stakeholders from Flybe IT, Flybe Marketing, the sales and customer teams.

The project was highly collaborative and agile in its nature. We utilised stand ups, retrospectives and workshops – and had an extremely high level of stakeholder engagement throughout this almost nine month project.

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