Funeral Guide


Harnessing Pricing To Empower Decisions

The Funeral Guide platform needed to introduce pricing to its listings web app. This made sense from a customer point of view, enabling the bereaved to make better more informed choices whilst making decisions at a particularly hard and emotional time. Choosing the right help when arranging a funeral is hard at the best of times, let alone when the range of services on offer is multi-layered and complex, with a plethora of options and services. Pricing helps to distil the decision before the distress of contacting and talking with a service provider.

The first challenge was to simplify the decision of the type of committal. 


Data analysis showed that the vast majority of people choose cremation over burial. We needed a way that removed the friction of choosing the option later down the funnel and removing confusion at a more crucial stage.

"By instilling certain terminology and methodologies in a setting, a design practitioner can help to start to affect the attitude of an organisation, even towards its own products."

We took the opportunity to overhaul the listing step in the funnel whilst introducing the price component. 

This included introducing a sort mechanism, improved filter functionality, and clearer call to actions to improve click throughs to the main listing screen.

I was able to reinforce the ideas of continuous improvement, and iterative testing to the organisation, evangelising the benefits of basing designs on data rather than a set it and leave it approach.

The complexities around the funeral industry are huge. With very little regulation, and every funeral company using a different set of criteria and services for their business, each one having varying different charges and fees, packaging it into a non-invasive and subtle solution takes time and care.

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