Experience design at Flybe

Testing Experiences. Maximising Conversions.

We were able to cultivate a strong experience testing culture at Flybe. I headed up the programme for for a number of years, working closely with experience testing experts Maximiser, during which time they were acquired by Oracle. 

Urgency is used to trigger conversions in a wide range of scenarios. 

We tested urgency messaging on the Flybe fare select page, using a variety of methods. 

The winning experience resulted in the single biggest increase in bookings from our experience testing for Flybe of 8.77%, or an predicted monthly uplift of £1,087,046 in revenue.

Urgency Messaging
Fare selection simplification

Another hypothesis we tested was the simplification of the fare selection screen, thus resulting in minimising the friction on attention the person booking the flight experienced, by offering a single lowest fare option rather than confusion a fare of choosing out of several products.

This test was implemented to promote clarity of the display of the fare types through a radical redesign of the page in order to increase overall booking conversion and revenue.

The winning experience saw an increase in total bookings of +1.42% and a monthly projected revenue uplift of +£212,393.


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